Thank you for being an adventurous early adopter and joining!


We really appreciate your help with beta testing—that’s a nerdy way of saying that we are still working hard on the site and making improvements in real time—WeCruitr.   

With your help, we’d like to create the best social media platform solely focused on the needs of job seekers—whether you’re active, passive or just curious about the job market—and recruiters.

Please bear with us, as we are building the site in real time, seeking and implementing user feedback, and then making the requested positive changes. I’m sure this strategy will result in some bumps, glitches and weirdness along the way to creating an awesome user-friendly experience.  

Thank you for joining us on this new revolutionary journey!

Please feel free to contact me directly if I could be of assistance, if you have any questions or are bored and would just like to chat.  


Best Regards,
Jack Kelly, CEO

Please Provide Your Feedback on Wecruitr Website

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